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Builder Series Foot Controls

Builder Series Foot Controls

   For a clean, solid and functional design SNS Customs Ltd builder series foot controls are the way to go for any garage builder building their own chopper. Eliminate the guess work and stress involved with building your own foot controls. Our controls are fully adjustable allowing you to fine tune your riding position. Each pair is cut, machined and assembled in house. Foot and toe pegs are made from 1.0" solid stock and knurled. Mounting plates are 3/8" thick steel and  are machined to fit BigTwin frames 1989-1999 and earlier. Mounting plates have kickstand mounting holes tapped to 5/16" 18 TPI, offset kickstand plate is included.



   Can be made from either brass or aluminum and come with 316 SS hardware, custom linkages (may require making your own linkages depending how controls are mouted) and kickstand offset. Master cylinder and weld on bracket option available.





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