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Shop History

SNS Customs Ltd is a true grass-roots custom motorcycle & fabrication shop that was started by Sean MacLennan in the Spring of 2010, Sean's shop is located in beautiful Nova Scotia, Sean started his shop for many reasons, a dream to be self-employed with the freedom to be influenced by the art everyday life provides, but the main reason was so that Sean would have his own place to develop his parts & build his own custom choppers. Sean is a huge advocate for the trades & started welding at the age of 16 years old in a youth trades program that was offered to him through high school. It was this early intervention & experience in the trades that prompted Sean to become a Tradesman himself, eventually shaping him into the master craftsmen he is today. Sean has been a  part of the local pipefitters & welding trades for over 20 years, he is an active Red Seal Journeyman & is also a multi-ticket trade holder. 


In the beginnings of SNS Customs Ltd Sean worked long hours on his own personal machines, fabricating, building performance engines & designing chassis that could handle this new unlocked Horse-Power. Soon after Sean had opened SNS Customs Ltd people quickly took notice at his high quality built choppers. It wasn't long after that he started to get invited to showcase his work throughout the world. Sean's work has been published in countless magazines, he has done many TV interviews & television shows regarding the custom motorcycle culture on Canada's East Coast. He is an award winning custom motorcycle builder & his work is known worldwide.


The extra income generated from SNS Customs Ltd helped Sean feed his passion for building custom motorcycles & to push him even farther. Offering his parts to other builders giving them the option to buy Canadian. Sean loves doing this because he knows this helps support our Canadian economy & the motorcycle culture here at home.

"If true success was measured in the value of a dollar there would be a lot unsuccessful people out there. Ill keep my success level measured on the happiness SNS Customs brings to me. Besides God & family there is no other feeling better than building & riding choppers with your friends"

Sean MacLennan



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