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 SNS Customs Ltd was started by Sean MacLennan in the Spring of 2010 and is located in beautiful Nova Scotia. Sean started his shop for many reasons, he had always dreamt of being self-employed and to have the freedom to be influenced by the art everyday life provides. What started off as a part-time fabrication/manufacturing shop quickly blossomed into a full time job for Sean. People were quick to take notice of his work and soon he was sending orders for his parts worldwide. Sean believes in paying homage to the builders of yesterday and still builds his parts and choppers the traditional way, by hand! Whether its a hand formed gas tank or custom frame order you can rest assured the process of it coming to life have been well thought out. 


"Kustom Kulture is thriving on Canada's East Coast if you know where to look. We have so many hidden gems that guys like us work on day and night that should be brought out to be celebrated. There are just so many cool personality's and interesting people you meet while out rolling on two wheels"

Sean MacLennan




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