Sean's Non-Stock Customs Ltd is a custom cycle & metal fabrication shop, located on Canada's East Coast in Nova Scotia. The shop has been building custom motorcycles for well over a decade & offering quality built motorcycle parts. The shop builds about three full custom motorcycles a year that go up for grabs after they have been fully broken in. That is SNS Customs way knowing they are offering noting but the best to their client.

The shop also offers their own hand-built metal fabrication tools for like minded individuals who are also into the same hand-made is better culture. All of the tools they make are made in their shop in Nova Scotia, this creates jobs for locals while building a product they are proud of & can stand behind. Welding tables, fixtures, English wheels, planishing hammers, radius gauges etc. 

At the end of the day we are just doing what we love to do & want to continue doing it. Helping one another out with new ideas & giving what we can to the Custom Culture scene here on Canada's East Coast.