SNS Chopper Coffin Tanks

       Heavy duty built SNS Customs Ltd coffin fuel tanks. Built from 14 guage steel with a .120" thick back bone to prevent metal cracking. These fuel tanks look great & will last you the lifetime of you chopper & even longer. Fuel tanks have roughly 1.5 gal fuel capacity. We recommend having a quality liner installed in the fuel tank after receiving it.


    - Made from heavy duty 14 gauge steel

    - Reinforced backbone to prevent metal fatigue or cracking

    - Heavy duty 14 guage frisco mounts

    - Left & right hand side fuel supply

    - Vented thread in aluminum gas filler cap

    - TIG welded

    - 16.25" long X 8.5" wide X 6.3" at highest point top of tank

    SNS Chopper Coffin Tanks