Sean MacLennan started SNS Customs Ltd back in 2010 as a kind of hobby for himself to work on his own personal projects. He quickly started to get noticed for his building style & the amazing hot-rod choppers he was building out of his shop. He hand builds each bike one at a time, rides them for a year or so & sells the bike to move on to the next one.

Sean continues to educate himself in the craft of metal work & mechanics. He has built most of the metal shaping tools in his shop from noting but & idea & his bare hands. He is the type of guy who would rather build the tool he needs instead of buying it. Sean's work has been published in countless magazines & he has made a few TV appearances, but that isn't what makes him tick. In the shop with good tunes playing, a cup of hot coffee & getting your mind in the right condition to build some amazing things is what he enjoys the most.


SNS Customs Ltd has grown into a great fabrication shop over the past 10 years & is known for the quality of work they put out. The shop has completed work for some pretty incredible people & it continues to grow & welcomes new work experiences.